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We strongly believe that as we improve the welfare and quality of life of all Resident Doctors in UCTH, the quality of healthcare will follow suit

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Here are some events organized by ARD-UCTH

2019 Residency Training Day Held at ARD Lounge, UCTH

Theme: Mentoring - A key for effective Residency Training Programme. Hosted by ARD-UCTH EXCO

2nd Ordinary General Meeting 2018/2019 EXCO Year

Second meeting held by ARD-UCTH on the 3rd of July 2019 by the 2018/2019 EXCO at the ARD Lounge

39th Annual General Meeting & Scientific Conference

Annual conference organized by the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD)
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We believe every Resident can be the best version of themeselves

Our Core Values

What do we stand for?

Compassionate Care

It is necessary that every Resident Doctor understands the pain and suffering of their patient, and be committed to the act of bringing relieve to the patient.

Members Welfare

ARD-UCTH is dedicated to making sure that every single member of the organisation is in the best possible physical, emotional and mental condition at all times.

Elite Healthcare

Every case handled by an associate of ARD-UCTH is treated with the utmost priority, striving to come up with a premium solution to satisfy all involved parties.

Quality Physicians

Each member of the association receives the proper tools, guidance and mentorship required to become the foremost physician in his or her field of specialization.
The Mission of ARD-UCTH

Our Mission

To drive excellence and professionalism into the hearts and minds of every Resident Doctor, thereby providing the best healthcare standard for patients in UCTH calabar.

The Vision of ARD-UCTH

Our Vision

To utilize our highly skilled physicians in delivering caring and compassionate medical services throughout the state and beyond. To develop and nurture through training initiatives and active involvement with health worker/institutions, the skills, ideas and ingenuity of every memeber of ARD-UCTH.

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Hello Doctor

A weekly health advocacy radio program sponsored by ARD UCTH. The host Dr. Owai Promise ( P.R.O ARD UCTH).
The program airs live every Saturday by 7pm on FAD 93.1 FM Calabar. So tune in to hear from your Doctors.

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A message from the EXCO

Association of Resident Doctors - University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

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